A downloadable game for Windows

This was created for Weekly Game Jam- Week - 97

In this game, you are a garderner tasked with protecting a tree with slimes adorably called "Leafy". Protect the tree from those evil fiends!

If the the Leafies get to the tree, don't worry! Just bump into the tree while running and they will fall!


WASD: Move

Mouse: Control the direction

Left Mouse Button (Hold): Attack

Right Mouse Button (Hold): Run

Almost all assets were created by me, but I should mention that the font used was created by HeartBeast:(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrHQNOyU1q6BFEfkNq2CYMA)

No copyright infringement intended.


OverGrown.rar 7 MB


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Shorkie, Thank you for the feedback! I fixed it. It was a dumb mistake I agree. Thank you for the nice words! Appreciate it!

The game is fun, though I recommend you pack the .exe and the .pck into one forder, and then zip it, because I had to download both files, make a folder and move them into it for it to work.

Well done though!